4 best vpn for file sharing Torrenting, P2P

If you want  to secure and get a faster speed on your Windows, Mac, Mobile or Tablet, You need for Unlimited VPN, Many of those people use VPN for Torrenting, P2P, Filesharing, for downloading and share torrent files using sites, it a easier and accessible and... read more

How to make your PC faster windows 10

In this new post I will show you how to increase my computer speed windows 10 in easiest methods, make your PC faster windows 10, Well you know already Microsoft launched new products as Microsoft surface Hub , HoloLens, and a powerful New Operating system known as... read more

Turn on Windows 10 & 8 Laptop into WiFi Hotspot

Turn Windows 10 & 8 Laptop into WiFi Hotspot  If you want or thinking,  Can I turn on Windows 8 Laptop into WiFi Hotspot ?, Is it possible ?, the answer is yes, you can turn this is the features are available in all devices as for smartphone and windows also for... read more


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